Bleed & Purge Valve

Whenever there is a need to bleed the system pressure for maintenance in the pressure line, calibration of a device or any application where the pressure in the system is to be reduced, Bleed or Purge valves are used. Our valves are widely used on manifolds or gauge/root valves for proper bleed or drain of fluid from the pressure line. These valves let the pressurized fluid in the system line to be drained to atmosphere without removing the instrument and assist in calibration of control devices.

We manufacture these valves in stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. having pressure ratings up to 10,000 psig at 100°F and 4000 psig at 100°F, with temperature ratings from -65°F to 850°F and -65°F to 600°F for bleed valve and purge valve respectively. Sizes range from 1/8" to 1/2" with variety of end connections including FLUIDLOK Tube fitting, Tube adapter, male NPT, SAE, ISO threads.

The design is such that the back stop screw prevents accidental removal of stem in bleed valves and stem thread and tips are chrome-plated in order to prevent galling and increase service life.  All of our valves are 100% factory tested in accordance with BS EN 12266-1.


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