Tube Fittings


TUBE FITTINGS-Outperforming The Requirement of Leak Free Performance

FLUIDLOK Compression Tube Fittings / Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings are designed and manufactured for typical application in chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as oil, gas and power generation industries. From exploration through refining, from crude oil through high octane fuel, the oil and gas industry requires the highest level of flow control components to achieve the high standards of reliability, corrosion resistance, vibration, temperature cycles and pressure surges, our fittings have proven to be the best option to achieve these requirements.

Our double ferrule fittings are manufactured in various material like stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, brass, monel, titanium, hastelloy, Inconel or other alloys as per client requirements with pressure ratings up to 11000 psig We have these fittings in standard and customized sizes from 1/16” through 2” and 2 to 50 mm with variety of end connections and configuration, designed and developed as per various international quality standards. FLUIDLOK Fittings are manufactured, designed and quality controlled to strict industry standard like to provide a reliable, leak-free connection in instrumentation and process tubing system.

The double ferrule fitting feature with low torque design and are such that when the nut is tightened, with the staged sequential swaging action of the ferrules during make-up, the back ferrule axially advances the front ferrule and simultaneously applies an effective radial grip on tube and front ferrule works as primary sealing on tube which compensates for the variation in tubing size.

Our fittings provide excellent gas-tight sealing and consistent reassembly which ensures accurate measurements of process parameters – air, steam, fuel, water, etc. to keep your plant operating efficiently. Moreover, our tube fittings minimize fugitive emissions, as well as process fluid leakage and operation costs.

We work closely with our customers to optimize integration of product design and manufacturing processes to minimize costs and deliver customized products & services. Browse our catalog for detailed information.


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