NPSM Pipe Swivel Fittings

Step up to a better and greater leak-free surety of our NPSM Pipe Fittings serving this field of fittings since decades and providing peak performance and reliability. These type of hydraulic fittings are used in connection with a male NPT hose adding versatility to the connection. It was designed to eliminate the hose stress due to twisting during assembly. Unlike other pipe fitting connections, these fittings do not provide sealing on the threads but on the 30° taper angle of the swivel nose.

FLUIDLOK offers a wide range of NPSM swivel fittings from 1/8” to 2” manufactured in stainless steel as a standard material unless otherwise specified by clients in accordance with SAE J514. The female pipe swivel sits on a 30° taper seat, the nut is permanently crimped to the body and mates with a male pipe thread that has a 30° seat (chamfer) machined into the end of it. When the nut is tightened, the swivel is pushed towards the hose pipe and sits on the taper seat of the pipe creating a metal-to-metal seal.

Find the best suited fittings for your application from our wide range of sizes and configurations. Please contact or refer our catalog for further details.


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