Condensate Pot

The basic function of our condensate pot (also referred as seal pot) is to provide increased accuracy in the flow measurement in steam pipelines and also prove as a trap for any foreign material entering from pipeline to instrumentation components. They act as an interface between the vapour and the condensate in the impulse lines. Condensing chambers are largely used in steam metering lines to coil & condensate steam and to maintain a constant liquid head above instrument.

These condensate pots are available in pipe sizes 2", 3" and 4" and schedule 40, 80 and 160 in SS316, SS304, CS, ASTM A106 Gr B. Larger sizes are also provided upon client's request. All of our chambers are 100% factory tested.

Installation can be either vertical or horizontal lines between primary (Flow Meter) and the secondary (transmitter/ gauge) to act as a barrier to the line fluid permitting direct sensing of the flow conditions. Units should be mounted at the same level minimizing possible error that could arise due to unequal head of fluid in the connecting pressure lines. Typical industry applications include: refineries, Power Plants, Chemical and Petrochemical, Steel Plants and other process industries.


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