Needle Valve

For a safe and efficient operation of industrial processes, switch to FLUIDLOK Needle Valves. These valves are similar to shut off valves and are used to start, stop and regulate the flow within the pipeline and are commonly used to control flow and protect delicate gauges from damage caused by sudden pressure surges of liquids and gases. They’re ideal for systems using lighter and less viscous materials with low flow rates. Needle valves are designed to meet the requirements of corrosive service, high pressure sampling systems, sour gas applications, etc.

Our needle valves provide a reliable and consistent flow control and are manufactured in various materials, sizes and end connection configuration. These valves are designed to regulate a working pressure up to 10,000 psig and sizes ranging from 1/8” to 1” ; 6mm to 30mm. Every needle valve is factory tested with nitrogen at 1000 psig (69 bar). Seats have a maximum allowable leak rate of 0.1 std cm3/min. Shell testing is performed to a requirement of no detectable leakage in accordance with BS EN 12266-1.

These needle valves are an ideal option for isolating or throttling applications. The self-centering, non-rotating stem ensures perfect seating. The rigid design gives repetitive bubble tight shut off, easy. FLUIDLOK valves provide superior sealing performance while reducing maintenance cost.


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