Pipe Gauge 360° Syphon


Pipe Gauge Syphon are used to protect the pressure gauge from the effect of hot pressure media such as steam and also to resuce the effect of rapid pressure changes. Syphon allows condensate to form & to be collected inside the syphon, preventing the hot media vapours, not just steam from coming in direct contact with the pressure instruments.

Pipe Gauge 360° Syphon
Part Number
Schedule Designation
End Connection L
Inlet Outlet
S360-SCH40-4N SCH 40 1/4" NPT 1/4" NPT 185.4
S360-SCH40-8N SCH 40 1/2" NPT 1/2" NPT 290.0
S360-SCH80-4N SCH 80 1/4" NPT 1/4" NPT 185.4
S360-SCH80-8N SCH 80 1/2" NPT 1/2" NPT 290.0
S360-SCH160-8N SCH 160 1/2" NPT 1/2" NPT 290.0

• Dimensions are for reference only. Subject to change.

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