3 Way Remote Mount Valve (3VMR1V)

  • This manifolds is used for connect a static
    pressure instrument to process fluid composed of primary block valve and secondry valve for instrument venting or calibrating of a static pressure transmitter or gauge.


  • Barstock body outside screwed bonnet.
  • Connection at 180°.
  • Process connection : 1/2" NPT ANSI B1.20.1
  • Instrument connection : 1/2" NPT ANSI B1.20.1
  • Drain : 1/4" NPT-F ANSI B1.20.1


  • Connection options : NPT, BSPT, BSP & Socket Weld.
  • Working pressure : 6000 psi (413 bar).
  • Stem packing : PTFE (standard), GRAPHOIL (optional).
  • Temperature : PTFE 450°F (232°C) & GRAPHOIL 700°F (371°C).
  • Variety Material : SS, CS, F11, Hastelloy, Monel, etc.


  • All valves are 100% factory tested.

Testing Standard:

  • According to MSS-SP-61 and EN 12266-1.


3 Valves Manifold Remote Mount (3VMR1V)
Manifold Valve Includes

Hex Pipe Plug 1/4" NPT (PHP-4N)
Flange Mounting Bolts - High Tensile Carbon Steel

• Dimensions are for reference only. Subject to change.

⚠️ Valves that have not been cycled for a period of time may have a higher initial actuation torque.

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